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Kona Model Alaia

No fins, no rocker, no wax?


This is surfing at its purest!

100% Tradional design.

3/8” roll bottom

Made from Paulownia!

Tung oil finish!

*Typically boards are sized to your height so if you are 6 feet tall you get a 6 foot board. However,  there are other factors to consider like local wave conditions and surfing experience.

Contact Josh for sizing!

Alaia, includes stateside shipping!

Malama Kai Paipo

Traditional Paipo! Call josh for sizing!

Paipo. Includes stateside shipping!

Shipping to Hawaii!

I owe a great deal to the people of Hawaii and shipping there is expensive! I want to help! Despite whatever the actual cost is, this is all you will pay to get your board anywhere in Hawaii!

Hawaii shipping!


1920’s Tom Blake Style hollow board. 12 feet long. Custom lengths available.

Kook box, includes stateside shipping!