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I began my dive into the world of surfing by learning on a regular foam surfboard, but got into riding Alaias early on and have surfed them exclusively since. I enjoy the speed of the ride and the unconventional way of enjoying a wave. I was decent on the regular Alaia board, but in smaller wave days (the norm in Wilmington, NC), it was much harder work to catch a good ride. Several years ago, Josh introduced me to his SURFDORD design and I have been hooked ever since. My surfing has improved by leaps and bounds due to the design. I can ride the normal small waves around here all while enjoying the speed and stability of the SURFDORD. It is well worth it to ride one of these unique boards!

-Marc H.

First off, back in early 2018 you shaped me a malama kai paipo and I want you to know it has brought me immense joy! I have had absolutely transcendent sessions when the waves were so small that I second-guessed whether it was even rideable...then I swim out and get repeat in and out barrels on your board. I think out of all my boards its the malama kai and my 11' glider that I love the most (and believe it or not they remind me of each other in some ways!).

I've been spreading the stoke and getting my buddies on it and everybody who rides it is blown away (I think one or two might be hitting you up soon for a shape). Mahalo!

-Will T.