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How do I make my boards?

After talking with you I will have the information I need to design your board. I’ll ask you how much you weigh (sorry) and how tall you are and what kind of waves you usually ride.

Since I shape each board to fit its rider, this does add a little more time in you getting your board. I understand that is inconvenient but the value of having a correctly fitted board is worth it for us both. In the end, you’re end up with a great riding board and I know you’re more likely to be happy with it.

I build my boards by hand using minimal power tools because I have found I am able to achieve better results in terms of quality. I also dislike making generic boards and simply love the act of shaping boards.


I only use a wood called Paulownia to make my boards. It is known for being split resistant and lightweight. Another great thing about it is that it doesn’t absorb seawater well. For you and me, it’s great knowing the board will be durable for many years to come and won’t rot if the board gets a few battle scars. From my perspective Paulownia rides the best and provides you with with the best value I can provide.


Each board is finished with a hand rubbed Linseed oil finish. Although it is not as durable as fiberglass, this traditional finish is more like furniture finish and is easy to repair from easy to obtain products.Because these boards are made by hand you should expect about 4-6 weeks delivery time.