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Questions answered


Q-How long does it take to get a board?

A-Because having the right size board is crucial, I make every board custom to its owner. As of Nov. 2020, I do not have a large inventory of “stock” boards available. It is my goal for 2021 to have a fleet of boards 90% done for quicker delivery.  For now, expect to receive your board in about 8 weeks (US) after placing your order. YOUR PATIENCE IS APPRECIATED!

Q-It looks like Xylem disappeared for a while and now you’re back. What happened?

A: Long story. I had a series of family issues that hit me like a 20 wave set and Waimea Bay. I was held down a long time but I came to the surface alive. During this hold down I had to reprioritize my life with my faith and family at the top and making boards somewhere at the bottom.  I know I am better for the beatings I took and am stoked to be back full steam more determined than ever! As of 7/2020 I am actually making boards and other woodworking projects full time! So stoked!

Q-How do your boards ride?

A- Riding any Alaia while standing is notoriously difficult... that is until you figure it out. They paddle slow and being finless, slide around a lot. But after some getting used to and some sweat equity they offer one of the best rides you’ll ever have . It took me a while of deliberately bringing only my alaia to the beach no matter what the surf and just forcing myself to figure it out. I love the feel of a traditional Alaia and there’s nothing like it. It is like any other very difficult thing, once you figure it out it is very rewarding. It just depends on if you are willing and able to devote some time to it. 

How durable are these boards?

Well, because I use paulownia to make my boards, they are actually very durable. They are hard to break and surprisingly easy to fix. If you get a scratch or drop it on the rocks it’s normally fine to go surfing as sea water does not damage the wood. A light coat of Tung oil or Linseed oil is enough to keep the finish looking nice but is not required.